Matt Klinger Photography: Blog en-us (C) Matt Klinger Photography (Matt Klinger Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:20:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:20:00 GMT Matt Klinger Photography: Blog 90 120 Maternity Day at the Mill On Saturday I had a very special maternity photo session.  This one features my beautiful wife Robin who is 35 weeks pregnant and of course I had to jump in a for a few shots.  Robin's sister Amanda stepped in to push the button while I stood in, so big shout out to her for that. I arranged for Robin to have her makeup & hair done by a very talented makeup artist and good friend to us, Alicia Adams.  Everything went off without a hitch, her makeup looked great, the humidity was low and the sun was shining.  Couldn't ask for a better day at Little Buffalo State Park, where we took some time at the butterfly garden and  the Schoff's mill.  I'm very excited to share these images!   You can see all of these plus a bunch more in the client section of my website.  Tell me what you think in the comment section!!

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Hot day at the park! Right in the middle of a heat wave is a less than perfect time to take photos however sometimes you can get great photos!  Here is a few from my set with a cute little three year old at Little Buffalo State Park on Sunday.  Took a little while to get smile out of young Oakley but once she got started she didn't stop!  And of course on a hot day why not end the day in the creek.  I'm very excited to share these photos with you! What do you think, let me know in the comments!

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Good Luck Wedding Rain - featuring Ashley & Billy! Saturday was a great day for comfort foods and Netflix, however there was a couple in love who had other plans!  As luck would have it the rain let up just enough to allow Ashley and Billy to get married!   Though the weather was not ideal everyone was able to watch as the happy couple tied the knot!...And I was lucky enough to photograph the whole thing.  This wedding was an collaborative effort of DIY fun between Ashley, Billy and all their family and friends.  Hosting were the parents of the groom, Pat and Becky who welcomed all the guests into their beautiful home for a nice spread of food, cake, beer and laughter!  A great time had by all, so here are a few photos from the big day!  Keep checking in on my website (in the client section) for the completed photos coming soon!!


Emma's Senior Photos I had the pleasure of photographing a wonderful 2017 Senior named Emma, last Friday!  We went to Harrisburg's City island, a location that seems to have a little bit of everything and we weren't disappointed.  That bath house is a great unique photo location I was very pleased with the outcome of those shots.  Emma is less than a month from graduation, and you can tell that she is ready to be done with High School and move on to College in the fall!  Congrats Emma!!


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Extra Super Moon This extra super moon was the largest and brightest moon the earth has seen in 60 some years.  I tried for three days to get the shot I wanted. Day one - Sunday: It was beautiful and clear, the shot was taken just outside my house around 8pm.  That was way too late for the moon to appear "Super," but I got a great shot anyway.

Day Two - Monday:  I acquired a longer focal length lens, and went down to the river.  I thought I would have a neat shot of the Moon Rising over the mountain across the river.  Well instead the clouds came, I met a cool fisherman named Roger, who offered me a beer.  He made it into one long exposure photo, he's a blurry but he's there.

Day Three - Tuesday:  Success!  I took a trip to Negley park which overlooks Harrisburg and the River,  Had a really need view of the city and I got a great photo of the Super moon Rising.  Then on the way home through Wormlesburg, I found a really great view of the moon over Harrisburg.  These are the best shots I got!!!!


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Dana & Bill Saturday I made a return visit to Blain to take photos for some friends.  There's not much out where they live, but sometimes that makes the photos better! While I was there shooting their Christmas photos, I handed the camera to Dana to dana to push the button a couple times for me and my beautiful wife, of course I wasn't in the fanciest of clothed (TMNT tee shirt and Red hoodie).  Hope you like these!

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Mullin Family Fall Photos ​Kings Gap was a beautiful place to take family photos on Sunday.  We weren't alone, it was very crowded with many photo sessions.  Among them was my session with the Mullin family.  I had a great time photographing Jan, Ian, Ben, Adam and their fur child, Nathan.  Here are a few photos from our fall photo session!

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Natalia's Senior Photos Last Saturday was a beautiful day for photos.  Natalia and I took a walk down front street in Harrisburg, we got some great shots.  I'm really excited to show these off!  Enjoy!

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Elsa Marie Reisinger Newborn Photos May 21st, 2016, Rodney & Amanda welcomed another child into the world.  Joining Audrey, Wyatt and Tod, Elsa is a wonderful addition to an already great family.  Elsa Marie Reisinger is a very well behaved little girl and very advanced for her age. She likes to play dress up, in our short time together she changed her clothes several times, she even dressed up like a cute little fawn.  Elsa really has it made, she will have 3 strong built in body guards, so don't mess with her!


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Jason & Lisa Lyons Wedding - May 21, 2016 On Saturday, May 21st, 2016 I had the honor of photographing the wedding of Jason & Lisa Lyons.  The weather was certainly a factor when it came to outdoor photos but the couple were great sports about it.  There Ceremony was at St. Margaret Mary Church in Harrisburg was beautiful and the reception seemed perfect at the Lodge at Liberty Forge.  And of course, the trolley to transport the wedding party around for the day was a great touch.  Congratulations!

Lisa & Jason has some top notch vendors that pulled this whole thing together:

 - M. Klinger Photography (Of course)

- My 2nd shooter, Angela Gregg of AMG Photography

- The Lodge at Liberty Forge

- Soundwaves Entertainment

- Alicyn Mitchell Salon

- Unique Limousine

Here are some of the great photos from the day!


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Westin, Newborn Photography This past Sunday I had the honor of photographing Westin Ray Millet in his photographic debut.  Proud parents Jessica and Brandon were there to give him moral support as he showed his best impression of Batman that any 3 week old possibly could do.  In addition he acted like a you would expect any newborn baby to act, laying around, posing, looking cute with blankets, hanging out inside of suitcases and wash tubs.  Westin is a real over achiever, here are some of his great work, Enjoy!

Westin Ray Millet, Newborn Photos Westin Ray Millet, Newborn Photos Westin Ray Millet, Newborn Photos Westin Ray Millet, Newborn Photos Westin Ray Millet, Newborn Photos Westin Ray Millet, Newborn Photos

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I’ve been making a lot of moves lately to change my photography business for the better.  Updated prices, New website layout, Back-end cost cutting, New business cards out to the printers and of course and updated Self Portrait.  This portrait is a two light set up in my half assed studio space at my house with my favorite film camera in hand. 

Now I’m ready to do the real work, I’m available for weddings, portraits, events, modeling head shots and much more.  

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Blizzard 2016 by Lacey

Blizzard 2016 by Lacey

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Blizzard 2016 Blizzard 2016

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Wedding Photos! Here is a sample of of wedding photography!



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Portrait Photography! Here are some samples of my portrait photography work!

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Shaving My Beard

Shaving My Beard

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