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Welcome to the M. Klinger Photography Blog.  I'm a photographer and I work mainly in the Central Pennsylvania area including, Harrisburg, Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg, Marysville (Perry County) and all of the surrounding areas.  I specialize in portraits and wedding photography, in addition I do some boudoir and modeling photography.  I have a full time position with a large corporation photographing products in a studio environment as well.  Enjoy the blog!  and don't forget to contact me to book your next photo session!

Extra Super Moon

November 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This extra super moon was the largest and brightest moon the earth has seen in 60 some years.  I tried for three days to get the shot I wanted. Day one - Sunday: It was beautiful and clear, the shot was taken just outside my house around 8pm.  That was way too late for the moon to appear "Super," but I got a great shot anyway.

Day Two - Monday:  I acquired a longer focal length lens, and went down to the river.  I thought I would have a neat shot of the Moon Rising over the mountain across the river.  Well instead the clouds came, I met a cool fisherman named Roger, who offered me a beer.  He made it into one long exposure photo, he's a blurry but he's there.

Day Three - Tuesday:  Success!  I took a trip to Negley park which overlooks Harrisburg and the River,  Had a really need view of the city and I got a great photo of the Super moon Rising.  Then on the way home through Wormlesburg, I found a really great view of the moon over Harrisburg.  These are the best shots I got!!!!


Dana & Bill

October 31, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Saturday I made a return visit to Blain to take photos for some friends.  There's not much out where they live, but sometimes that makes the photos better! While I was there shooting their Christmas photos, I handed the camera to Dana to dana to push the button a couple times for me and my beautiful wife, of course I wasn't in the fanciest of clothed (TMNT tee shirt and Red hoodie).  Hope you like these!

Mullin Family Fall Photos

October 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

​Kings Gap was a beautiful place to take family photos on Sunday.  We weren't alone, it was very crowded with many photo sessions.  Among them was my session with the Mullin family.  I had a great time photographing Jan, Ian, Ben, Adam and their fur child, Nathan.  Here are a few photos from our fall photo session!

Natalia's Senior Photos

October 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Last Saturday was a beautiful day for photos.  Natalia and I took a walk down front street in Harrisburg, we got some great shots.  I'm really excited to show these off!  Enjoy!

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